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Parent Feedback

January 2018

Our daughter is currently enrolled in the full-day Kindergarten program at The Preschool Place and Kindergarten. Our family has had a fabulous experience at The Preschool Place and Kindergarten. Before enrolling our daughter at the PSP, we heard very positive feedback from two close friends of the family who raved about the school and faculty.  Wow…we can definitely see why they were so happy with the quality of the school.  We absolutely love it.  We have been attending PSP since the Transitional Two’s. Every staff member that we had the pleasure to work with has always had the best interests of our daughter’s short-term and long-term success in mind. We feel like The Preschool Place is part of our extended family!

Our family lives in a town that only provides a half-day Kindergarten program.  As such, enrolling our daughter in the PSP’s full-day Kindergarten was an easy decision for our family. However, we are blown away by how much information and exposure our daughter has already learned through the first four months. Mrs. Giallorenzo and Mrs. Chaffiotte are amazing teachers and an amazing team! We love the small size of the class and the one-on-one attention that our daughter receives. As a teacher myself, I can say that the curriculum presented to the students is top-notch! PSP goes above and beyond to prepare their students for the future.

When I pick my daughter up each day, she is so excited to tell me about everything she has learned. Her folder is full of curriculum rich activities and worksheets that she wants to share with our family. She also brings home weekly homework, books to read on her level, a poetry journal, sight words, and more! In addition, our daughter has Spanish, Computers, Gym, and Library. We could not ask for a better program or better staff. The full-day Kindergarten at Preschool Place and Kindergarten is absolutely preparing our daughter for a successful academic future.  Our only complaint is that PSP does not go up to 8th grade!

Loraine & Mark B. parents of a full-day kindergarten student

September 2017

I am very pleased with the Kinder Plus program. My daughter truly had a great time and learned so much! A highlight was the Authors learning unit; it was a wonderful experience for the children to write and publish their own stories! My daughter was thrilled to present her work at Meet The Author’s Day and I was overjoyed to be there to listen. The teachers do an amazing job and I am thankful for everything!
Donna K. parent of a Kinder Plus student

April 2017

During the art chapter in Kinder Plus my son has been so engaged and excited. He comes home and teaches our family the artists’ names and speaks about what kind of techniques each artist used. It’s been a joy and a
learning experience for all of us.
Jaime C., parent of Kinder Plus student

Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to both us and Nathan. We were so fortunate to have been able to send Nathan to The Preschool Place. We will miss you very much.
Daniel and Sun P., parents

March 2017

My son loved Transitional Twos!  He made friends with other children and became more independent.  I recommend this class for a child who has trouble separating.
Heather L. Parent

December, 2016

The Preschool Advantage program has allowed our family to give our daughter the very best head start to her formal education during a time where we otherwise would not be able to do so. This program provides to her the foundation and love of learning every child deserves regardless of socioeconomic status. Through PP&K, our daughter has learned more than letters, numbers, science, art, and music. She has learned kindness, compassion, responsibility, and friendship. Preschool Advantage has provided our family an opportunity during a time of financial sacrifice to ensure we instill in our children the importance of education. We are forever inspired and grateful for the support we have received and will look to pay it forward to other families in need in the future….
A Preschool Place and Kindergarten family sponsored by Preschool Advantage

March, 2016

Thanks again for everything!!
You all mean so much to me and Leah of course!!
The only sad part of us leaving is that Leah won’t have you all around her.
I appreciate every second we had at school!!!
I hope we meet again!!!
I will keep you posted I promise!!
From the bottom of my heart… Thank you!!!

Emma S., Parent

January  2016

The Preschool Place and Kindergarten’s motto sums up this school perfectly:  “Where Quality Meets Caring”.  The Director and her staff are highly qualified and experienced teachers who appreciate and care about every child, and are dedicated to the school.   The programs, and learning and play environments are brilliant.   Our three children have attended here since 2010, and every day has been a joy of learning and growing socially and emotionally.  Don’t hesitate to schedule a visit and personally see this wonderful school.Janelle K., parent

Two of my children are graduates of The Preschool Place & Kindergarten’s full day kindergarten program (8.45-2.30pm).  While my township offers a public kindergarten program, we chose The Preschool Place & Kindergarten for our boys’ full-day kindergarten education.  The dedicated, experienced kindergarten teacher, outstanding academic program, and individual attention through small class sizes gave us confident, happy and independent kindergarten graduates who love learning and were overly prepared to meet the requirements of first grade and beyond.  Our children are in 1st and 3rd grade now, and we are grateful that they are independent learners who complete their school work and tests with confidence, enjoy learning and academic success, and benefit from enrichment opportunities at elementary school – all thanks to their solid academic foundation from attending full-day kindergarten at The Preschool Place & Kindergarten!   Don’t hesitate to schedule a visit and see the full-day kindergarten class in action!A parent of kindergarten graduates, contact details available upon request

November, 2015

Hello Ms. Rubnitz, Thank you for your email. I sincerely appreciate your time in speaking with me and in helping me see that there are wonderful options for my son. Your school has a warm feeling, and the generations of families that attend are testimony to your school’s quality. I told Dr Neiman’s husband that I met with you, and he spoke of how well his children progressed whole at your school.  I will reach out to you soon to keep you apprised. Again, thank you very much.
Best Regards,
Debra S., Prospective Parent

May 2014

Kinderplus exceeded our expectations- the program provided a perfect balance between enriching the academic elements of public kindergarten and allowing for creative play. My son thrived under the wonderful watch of his teachers- they established an environment in which he felt safe to explore and be himself as he learned. And he learned so much! From developing an appreciation for the arts to more fully understanding the workings of the solar system (coming from a kid who already knew quite a bit on this topic) to teaching ME about dinosaurs, each unit truly enriched his development and love of learning. The commitment from the teachers was also remarkable- they worked hard (often before/after hours) to implement a developmentally appropriate program that met the specific needs of the children in the class. We are so glad our son was able to have this experience!Jamie  P., Parent

June 2013

Grafton had a wonderful experience in your twos, threes and fours programs but kindergarten is the most outstanding part of Grafton’s education at The Preschool Place and Kindergarten.

Your kindergarten teacher Mrs. G is exceptional and effective. Mrs.G has given me a child who now reads fluently, writes independently, adds and subtracts quickly, is confident and more than ready for public school first grade. “Reading and writing is fun Mommy” is something I hear often from Grafton.

Grafton’s experience has taught me that 5/6 year olds have a huge capacity to learn. I have seen the transformation that can take place in a child in kindergarten. Your program, teacher, small class size and nurturing school environment provide a brilliant learning opportunity for children of kindergarten age.

I am happy to speak with anyone further about my experience. My contact details are available upon request.Janelle K., Parent

June 2013

As a parent, I wholeheartedly recommend the kindergarten program at The Preschool Place. Before enrolling my son, I had heard very good things about the teachers and curriculum. My expectations were high. Now that we are nearing the end of the school year, my level of satisfaction with that choice is off the chart. My son Justin was extremely lucky to experience the rich learning environment in Mrs. G’s class. It’s a pleasure to listen to him read his journal entries, complete with illustrations and comments by an engaged teacher. Performing three plays on a real stage enriched his confidence. Visiting his class often, in my roles as yearbook photographer and class mom, is a perk I will really miss when he starts public first grade. Just that one extra year of learning in a concentrated and loving environment, is a gift I am very glad and grateful I was able to give him.

If you are considering giving your child the immense gift of kindergarten at The Preschool Place, I will be happy to talk to you individually. My contact details are available upon request.Johanna W., Parent

June 2013

Letting our children go out into the big world is never easy, and finding a place where your child can learn, grow and build the confidence needed to succeed in school is equally challenging. The extra personal attention and strategies offered by the amazing teachers at the Preschool Place will assist your child in reaching his or her ultimate potential. The children receive more in depth instruction; engage in countless enrichment activities that address cultural diversity, art, language and fun! The small class size enables the children to develop stronger social relationships and ultimately, they are able to build a solid foundation that supports their future academic performance. When your kindergartner stands before you in a cap and gown, and reads his or her graduation speech, it a very proud moment indeed, and the journey is just beginning. Enrolling your child in the kindergarten at the Preschool Place is the best gift that you can give to him or her. Please contact me if you have any questions at all. My contact details are available upon request. Thank you!Dr. Alyssa G., Parent

June 2013

After looking at many places, we chose The Preschool Place and Kindergarten because of its excellent reputation for high quality education.

Our son advanced from being a non-reader to reading above his grade level.  We feel this is a direct result from having a small class size, full day of learning and  individual attention by  caring teachers.

As a Bridgewater resident, we are confident that choosing a high quality, full day kindergarten offered by The Preschool Place was a sound investment. My contact details are available upon request.Kevin Y. and Bonnie B., Parents

June 2013

I want to say a few words about the Preschool Place program at Temple Sholom. I’m a parent of two young girls, both of whom have attended the school. My older daughter is currently finishing 3rd grade in Bridgewater, while my younger daughter who’s four, is in the Preschool Place preschool program. She will attend the school’s kindergarten in a year.

Living in this area, we have a wide range of educational choices for our children, but it can sometimes be a tough choice knowing which one to pick. My wife and I investigated every available preschool option for our older daughter when she was approaching two. We both work at home, so having our kids stay with us was feasible, but we were mindful of the positive socialization benefits of having our daughter in a program. So we were curious what was out there, and what each program had to offer.

I can’t stress enough how much of a positive experience the Preschool Place Preschool and Kindergarten Program has been for my girls. Without a doubt, it has given my older daughter a head start on grammar school. She was much better prepared for first grade than she would have been not having attended. In addition, those benefits haven’t diminished with time, as can be true with other options.

The Preschool Place offers what I believe is the most balanced and comprehensive educational experience for young children in our area. Other programs tend to stress certain educational beliefs, which become the center of the approach. While they can be successful, we’ve noticed that in time, the kids tend to be defined by the approach, as opposed to having the children grow and flourish with an educational approach that seamlessly allows each child to come into their own. And unfortunately, other programs such as day care turned out to be little more than glorified baby-sitting.

The Preschool Place offered the best of everything -a balanced educational experience and a completely secure environment. Our younger daughter is in the program now, and we are convinced that she is years ahead of where she might be had she not been enrolled. And my wife and I are not the kind of driven parents who relentlessly push our children into growing up without being kids. Rather, we’ve seen that with the right program, kids can effortlessly develop well beyond their age just by having the right kind of support and wise educational experience. These days especially, it’s critical to watch how your dollars are being spent. Without a doubt, we consider our daughter’s time at the Preschool Place to be a smart investment. It’s this balanced and comprehensive blend that the Preschool Place offers better than any other program in the area, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to any parent considering a preschool and kindergarten program for their children.Larry Felder, Parent

June 2013

I wanted to thank you all once again for an amazing Semester of Heritage School. I know I thanked each of you but I couldn’t get the words out that I wanted to say because I kept getting choked up. The photo montage made me cry and I knew if I said much more after that I would be a blubbering idiot.

This program surpassed any expectations I had of it. I have never encountered a school that has so many people that really care and really want to be there. From the minute you walk in the door you can feel everyone’s dedication and everyone’s warmth.

It is wonderful that there is a place Elan can learn the traditions beyond learning it from his parents at home. He was always so excited to go to what he called “Hebrew School”. The work and time and effort that is taken in every single class is amazing to me. All the crafts he has brought home have become treasured items that I will keep forever. He has been so proud of them and I am proud of them because they represent his Jewish background. The Passover lunch was amazing, all the work and effort that was put into it, the building of the Sukkot (which we also did at home), going to the animal shelter, I can go on and on and it was all so special. Watching those photos today of him doing all the traditions really tugged at my heart and made me very proud.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and I look forward to him going through the process again next year when I know things will be more significant for him as he is growing up.Madelyn Moalam, Heritage Street Parent

April, 2013

It has been a wonderful year for us with all of our boys at The Preschool Place and Kindergarten and what fun they have had! The boys love their school, their teachers and their friends. Thank you for the professionalism, nurturing and dedication and the warm welcoming environment every day!Janelle Kirk, Parent

January, 2013

Thank you so much for making the Preschool Place and Kindergarten a warm home for Jake during a challenging time for our family. Meeting you last spring and enrolling Jake lifted a huge weight from our shoulders. Carol’s enthusiasm, warmth and energy touches the children and parents equally.Rabinowitz Family, Alumni Parent

January, 2013

…I know I always say this, but Janet and I still talk about what a great experience the PSP was….it will be the foundation of their future…Mathew Brodman, Alumni Parent

September, 2012

Today is Sue’s first day of kindergarten at Adamsville Primary School. She did well today. Thank you to Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Lynch’s for their contribution to Sue’s English learning at preschool. She feels more comfortable in her new environment. Sue misses you, Mrs. Clark and Mrs. Lynch, and all her friends in preschool. The Preschool Place and Kindergarten keeps getting better and better!Sue’s parents

June, 2012

Thank you for making Sheridon’s transition to New Jersey a wonderful, warm experience. She went from being anxious to comfortable, confident, and happy after just two days with you. She comes home singing and smiling telling of her “great days” at school We feel so blessed to have found you!Lisa Corliss, mother of Sheridon

June, 2012

Elliot had an amazing introduction to Judaism at Heritage Street. Thank you for such a warm welcome into your school and the temple! It was too short a time! We enjoyed being there very much.Lisa Hauer, mother of Elliot

June, 2012

It’s really incredible how quickly time flies. It’s been 21 years since I was in your (Carol Rubnitz’s) “3 Year Old” class. Now we’re all professionals or working toward graduate degrees. Of course we owe it to our roots at Temple Sholom and The Preschool Place & Kindergarten!!David S., former student

January, 2012

Teaching about acceptance and diversity is the key to creating a peaceful world. Thanks for all you do. The Preschool Place and Kindergarten is a wonderful place. Sebastian and I are going to miss you.Martha, mother of a 4 year old

Fall, 2011

I thought it was really wonderful that you were able to make the connection for the children between food donations and the people who needs the food. I asked Lila about the woman from SHIP and she told me that the lady thanked her and explained that there were people who needed food and were not able to afford it.  It was a great way to take it to the next step for the kids.

On another note, the photographer you use was able to once again get great shots of my girls.  Not an easy task and a testament to his skill!  The photos that came back from Hamilton did not hold a candle to the PSP shots.

Comment After Family Night: Another great night! The kids love it and it’s a wonderful memory and tradition each year. Thank you.Aimee Lyons, mother of a Kinder Plus student and a 3 year old

Spring, 2011

I just wanted to thank you for making my daughter’s transition to New Jersey a wonderful, warm experience. She went from being anxious to comfortable, confident, and happy after just two days with you. She comes home singing and smiling telling of her “great” days at school. We feel so blessed to have found you.Lisa Corliss, mother of a 4 year old

January, 2010

Just wanted to thank you for meeting with me on Friday to discuss my daughter’s
growth and progress. I know that I shared how “weird” it is for me to sit on
the “other side of the desk” but you immediately put me at ease. II was
extremely impressed with your portfolio assessment approach… I know that
takes time on your part but it was so revealing and informative for me as
the parent. To have actual samples laid before me to support your
observations was invaluable. It was evident to me that not only are you good
at what you do but you genuinely love what you do. That’s priceless! My daughter
LOVES coming to school… as I said, the highest praise I can give. My
husband and I are very pleased with how much she is learning and growing in
all areas. We thank you for your efforts. You and your assistant play an integral role
in making The Preschool Place & Kindergarten the outstanding program that it
is! Thanks so much for all that you do…it does make a difference!
As a side note I was at a birthday party today for a classmate and all the buzz was how
impressive the conferences were handled so it seems you made quite an
impression with others as well! Always nice to hear! 🙂 Everyone loves The
PSP!!!!!Mother of a 4 year old: note to the teacher

June, 2009

The last day of school has arrived and I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by! It seems like just last week that I was tearfully dropping (my daughter) off for the very first time! I have to tell you how thrilled my husband and I are with your program. This first school experience for (our daughter) has been everything we hoped it would be and more. Her teachers are wonderful early childhood educators and we feel lucky (our daughter) got to benefit from their expertise. I was confident with my decision to send my child here in September…and now, I’m ready to be your official spokesperson! The quality of teaching, the level of dedication and professionalism, the developmentally appropriate program, the sense of community and social conscience, the warm, safe, nurturing environment….these are just some of the things that make The Preschool Place so incredibly special. So I must say to you, kudos, and keep up the good work. Our daughter loves school and that speaks volumes. We look forward to September.Chris Nigro: Mother of a 3 year old

June, 2009

I want to warmly thank you for the wonderful years my children and I have enjoyed here at The Preschool Place! From the 2’s to Kinder Plus, each year has been filled with caring teachers, creative curriculums, and fun-filled memories with friends. It is exciting to see the kids grow and have new experiences, but it is also a little sad to move on from a loving Preschool community. So, thank you for everything and I will be sure to recommend The Preschool Place to friends!Tina Mecca: Mother of a 6 year old

June, 2009

I wish that I could express to you all of the gratitude and warm feelings I have for The Preschool Place and especially the director. From day one, you created an environment where I felt safe and comfortable sending (my son). I thank you for accepting whatever it took to get him from where he was to where he is now. He has grown from a baby who could barely hear or speak into an amazing boy who can do both of those and so much more. And The Preschool Place is where so much of it happened. I cannot begin to thank you for your acceptance and willingness to help do whatever it took (teachers, therapists, FM systems, etc) to make that happen. The Preschool Place is a wonderful place because of your guidance and leadership, great things happen there every day. Please accept my thanks and know that you have made a difference in both (my son’s) and my life. Thank you for everything.Lisa Dichter: Mother of a 5 year old

***Parent references are available upon request.

Our students attend The Preschool Place and Kindergarten from all over Somerset County, NJ as well as Hunterdon County, NJ.