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Our preschool curriculum will expose your child to a range of interests and ideas in addition to developing fundamental pre-academic (preschool) and academic (pre-kindergarten) skills in math, language arts, social studies, science and technology necessary for success in kindergarten, first grade, and beyond.  Our curriculum integrates all the components of STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering, art and math).  For parents wishing to provide their children with even more STEAM learning opportunities, we offer enrichments in Science (“Discover Ease”), Art (“Art-Unlimited”) and Engineering (“Inventor’s Workshop”).

three-kids-in-playgroundOur preschool curriculum is play-based because play is the most appropriate mode for a young child’s learning.  Encouraging children’s creative free play is one of the most vital contributions The Preschool  Place and Kindergarten can make to your child’s education and development in these crucial years.  In any one school day, your child might be encouraged to work on a puzzle, build a block tower, look through a familiar book and retell the story, or play a game with a friend.  Your child will have practiced eye hand coordination, visual discrimination, small muscle control, left to right progression, and language; all important skills for future success.  Through play, your child will fully benefit from the magical years of early childhood.

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